Digisnap 2700

DigiSnap 2700 configuration via Android device

The DigiSnap 2700 controller connects to a computer serial port to configure the DigiSnap settings. A simple 'dumb terminal' is all that's required to communicate with the DigiSnap. Apple eliminated serial ports from their Mac computers long ago, and even PC laptops typically don't include them anym...

DigiSnap 2700 Upgrade

Posted 2011-10-17

Over the last year or so, we've had reports from several customers of a particular problem with the DigiSnap 2700. The controller will be working fine for a period of time (i.e. months), and then one day, for no discernible reason, just shut itself off, and stop taking pictures.


Digisnap 2700 User's Manual

Digisnap 2700 User's Manual

How do I use the DigiSnap with a Mac?

This article describes how to configure the advanced features in a DigiSnap 2000 series controller with Mac OS X. Configuring with Windows and Linux is also supported.

What you'll need:

  • Mac running OS X
  • DigiSnap 2000 series controller (most common are DigiSnap 2100 and 2700)
  • power for the Di...