Can I connect multiple cameras to the DigiSnap?

You bet... If each camera receives the same serial commands then they should all perform the same operation. The trick here is route the commands from the DigiSnap to each camera, and the responses from only one camera back to the DigiSnap. This can be accomplished by a custom serial cable system, and is not all that difficult. Making sure that the master camera does not respond before the slave camera(s) are ready can be a bit of an issue if the camera types are different, but it's not impossible. If there are a large number of cameras, then there might be an issue with signal loading. Harbortronics developed some custom electronics to drive 10 cameras from one DigiSnap for one customer. We even tested it with three different camera types at the same time! Developing a stereo camera cable assembly should actually be pretty easy.

Something to think about in your application would be the level of synchronization. It’s unlikely that any two cameras are so perfectly matched in their serial port operations and everything else that they could both make use of the same strobe flash. For stereo photography work the synchronization might not be close enough for even action scenes. Experiment! Let us know what you find!

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