The camera seems to be working intermittently, what should I check?

Most likely, its a configuration issue with the DigiSnap. When the DigiSnap wants to take a picture, it sends a signal to the camera, which electronically presses the camera's shutter release button. The camera may be asleep between pictures, so that signal has to be long enough for the camera to wake up, set the exposure, white balance, etc., then trip the shutter. We've found that the camera needs about 2 seconds for all of this to happen reliably. If it's intermittant, I suspect the DigiSnap may only be set to hold the shutter release for 1 sec...

With the DigiSnap connected to a terminal, go to the Special Features menu.

Make sure the External Output is configured as follows:
2 sec
0 sec
Active High

If it's intermittant, I suspect the 2 sec period is only set for 1 sec...

Sorry to be cryptic, but once you get into the menu, it should seem clear!