How do I get the DigiSnap to work with my HyperTerminal program?

There are many terminal programs available for every model computer. Hyperterminal is a program that is bundled with Windows, so it's the one we use for most our work. The rest of this discussion applies to the Hyperterminal setup, but many other programs operate similarly.

As is the case with any program, there are a lot of settings and configurations possible with Hyperterminal. To make this configuration easier, we have a Hyperterminal script available on our website, Feel free to download this file... if you double click on it, it should launch Hyperterminal, and configure it to work with the DigiSnaps.

If Hyperterminal doesn't start up, it may not yet be installed. To install it , go through the Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add Programs/Windows Setup/Communications process to install Hyperterminal. If you have not downloaded the file, or are using other programs, the settings are as follows:

Com1 (or whichever Com port you've connected the DigiSnap null-modem cable to)
19200 Baud
8 Bits
No Parity
1 Stop Bit
No Flow Control (this is required, and is often missed!)