Camera quirks... what do you mean by that?

Many of the digital camera use a 'standard' protocol for serial communication, intended primarily for image download. There are some printers that also use the protocol to talk to the camera, and there may even be some manufacturer specific camera control programs. While we don't have any particular knowledge in this area, it seems that the protocol is somewhat flexible, and each camera model may interpret the protocol slightly differently. Some commands may be ignored, some commands may be fully supported, but have a slightly different response. We’ve also encountered situations where the camera interface just plain didn’t seem to work well, and got better with later camera firmware releases (bugs). Some cameras operate differently when set up differently… for instance if the LCD is on or off., if the flash is enabled or disabled, etc.

Each camera model therefore has it's own set of remote control quirks. We’ve tried to test with a variety of cameras during development to mitigate the severity of those quirks… we identified a number of them, and incorporated workarounds in our firmware. We have a load of configuration options that were added to address specific quirks we’ve encountered. There are undoubtedly others out there that you may come across, and have to resolve in your own way.