April 26, 2017

The DigiSnap Pro is a complete system controller for long term time-lapse photography. Power management, camera control, operator interface, and networking are all built into a very compact, low power package. Autonomous or networked operation are both well supported! See attached. DigiSnap Pro: time-lapse system controller

The Cyclapse Pro is a complete system, using the new DigiSnap Pro in our great Cyclapse housing. Cyclapse Classic & Pro systems

The list of features is extensive, and I strongly believe that they will suffice for any time-lapse application, whether it's on a typical construction site anywhere on the planet, or transmitting images from a floating iceberg in the North Atlantic. I'll list a few of the features here:

  • Automated Image Transfer (WiFi / 3G-4G / Ethernet / Satellite Terminal)
  • Status Emails, sent periodically or when there is a problem detected (camera, humidity, ...)
  • Dual battery connections supporting several battery pack chemistries
  • Charge from a range of power sources: Solar panel, battery bank, AC adapter, PoE
  • Reconfigure from a distance using a smartphone or tablet
  • Power, control and extract images from essentially all SLR cameras
  • Additional connections for sensors and external power control
  • Local storage capability: hard-drive in the housing, or flash-drive attached to long USB cable

Harbortronics was one of the very first companies to offer a complete time-lapse camera system intended for years in the outdoors. Admittedly, we've been slow to offer integrated networking features, but we now have perhaps the best hardware in the business. We can use essentially any camera you prefer, including medium format. Our equipment will operate well from small solar panels, not large solar arrays!

There are now a number of companies offering solutions, and it may be difficult to differentiate them from afar. I've structured our products and our business to be open and flexible. You own the equipment outright, no rental fees. If you choose to use networking to transfer images to your own cloud storage (your option), you pay us no monthly fees for the privilege. The images are yours—we do not assume any rights to those images for our own use. Our website lists all prices. We are happy to talk on the phone or via email but we never use 'hard sell' tactics nor suggest confusing plans. I believe we are the only equipment supplier that can say all of this!