October 17, 2013

FLOE - Timelapse in the Arctic

Break the Ice for Arctic Wildlife

Arctic Eider Society is doing some great work with timelapse in the Arctic. Learn more below:

"This short film is a part of a series of 13 short films created across Canada for the Head First project. It demonstrates the use of time lapse photography for monitoring sea ice and wildlife as a part of Community Based Monitoring programs conducted by the Arctic Eider Society on the Belcher Islands, in Hudson Bay Nunavut. We've released this now, ahead of the rest of the Head First project, towards raising funding for our charity's programs in New York City this Nov 2013 to address cumulative impacts of hydroelectric projects on sea ice ecosystems. Join our campaign and show your support: http://igg.me/at/BreakTheIce/"

April 18, 2013

Hydrolapse - Underwater Time-Lapse System

Harbortronics is proud to announce the Hydrolapse, a complete system for documenting long term, shallow underwater environments. The system may be used in fresh or salt water, at depths of 100 ft (30 meters).

The system includes a high capacity battery pack, watertight housing, and submersible photographic strobe, allowing unattended time-lapse of marine processes for up to six months at a time.