September 9, 2004

Yes indeed, the D70 vertical/battery grip is in development!

Harbortronics VG-D70 Features:

  • Remote shutter release via IR (removable fiber optic cable) or hardwired (camera modification).

    No camera modification needed to use the IR shutter release feature. This essentially emulates the ML-L1/3. The camera has to be configured to use the IR remote, and used often enough to keep the camera from turning the IR remote feature off. The half-press feature will also not work normally via IR. A removable fiber optic cable will route up the front of the camera to the grip... very simple, cable stays out of the way, and can be removed if desired.

  • Remote shutter jack included on grip

    This jack can be used with remote cords, slaving cameras together (i.e. stereo), or for connection to a D70 which has been modified with a remote shutter release jack.

    If the camera is modified to add a remote control jack (which may void the warranty), then all limitations are removed... there's no need to set-up the camera for remote use, half-press works fine, etc. There would be a short cable jumper running from the camera to the grip to connect the two.

  • Multiple Power Configurations

    The VG-D70 can accommodate one or two EN-EL3 batteries (standard D70 battery). The grip also includes a standard DC power jack (industry standard!) for use with external power supplies, large battery packs, etc. This jack is protected against reverse polarity and over-voltage.

Hang in there... I'll get it done soon!

Also, we have posted the new PDF regarding the D70 and Fuji S2 modifications.

June 28, 2004

Harbortronics is excited to announce a very simple method of performing time-lapse, and manual remote shutter release with the Nikon D70. The DigiSnap 2100 now includes an "IR Output" feature, which includes signalling particular to the D70. The 2100-IR cable is also now available, providing a tough, lightweight plastic fiber optic cable which can be taped to the front of the D70, or simply placed near the front of the camera.

The standard DigiSnap 2100, compatible with a wide range of cameras, is priced at $150. The new IR Output feature is available for $30, and is compatible with every DigiSnap 2100 ever built! The 2100-IR cable is priced at $30, and is normally 3 ft long, but can be provided in essentially any length for an additional $0.50 per foot.

For more information, please contact [email protected], 253-858-7769.

June 15, 2004

Harbortronics can now offer wired remote control of the Nikon D70, Finepix S2 and Finepix S20.

We can modify the bodies of the D70 and S2 to add a remote jack, without affecting any other camera function. A standard 2.5 mm stereo connection allows control of the "half-press" and "full-press" functions of the shutter. FujiFilm added an interesting feature to the S20, without mentioning it. It is possible to control the camera remotely via the USB connector, sing a relatively simple technique (NOT USB). We offer an adapter cable to allow use of any standard 2.5mm stereo wired remote controller.

May 21, 2004

Mark has found a way to control the Fuji Finepix S20 Pro using an adpater cable. (Thanks Dan Tompkins for the use of the camera.)

Check out this website:

Matthew Gaige offers a two channel wireless system for camera remote control that is compatbile with the DigiSnap systems.

March 24, 2004

Good news!

Mark has found a way to adapt the D70 for remote control. He has developed a modification of the D70, adding a jack for wired remote control.

Press Release:

Many photographic applications just beg for a wired remote. Skydivers typically use a cabled 'bite' switch to control a camera on their helmet. Surgeons and other professionals often use foot switches to trigger a camera while their hands are busy. There are a surprising number of individuals and companies involved with aerial photography, using automated (time-lapse) cameras, or radio frequency remote controls... kites, blimps, airplanes and helicopters (real and models) are all used. Wildlife photography often require remote controls, from cameras mounted at backyard bird feeders to time-lapse systems monitoring puffins on isolated islands in Alaska. Mark and Deborah at Harbortronics are constantly amazed at the range of photographic applications using remote control devices. They have received numerous inquiries regarding the new D70, but Nikon did not provide a wired control port on the camera, which got them thinking.

An IR remote doesn't have much range, and are only useful if you are in front of, or are reaching over the camera. Studio and technical photographers may be able to control their camera via a dedicated program running on a computer, but the USB interface is particularly asymmetric, precluding the development of a handheld USB controller. Harbortronics has taken a bold step and developed a modification to the Nikon D70, adding a wired remote control port! The wired remote port uses a standard 2.5mm stereo jack, rather than the proprietary 10 pin connector Nikon typically provides. Many Canon EOS cameras use this same 2.5mm interface, so products developed for the EOS cameras should work with the modified D70. The DigiSnap 2000 series controllers from Harbortronics are also compatible with this interface, enabling the D70 to be used in a variety of time-lapse, motion control, and remote control applications.

Harbortronics, the clear leader in digital camera remote control solutions, can provide the camera body modification very quickly, typically with a single working day turn-around. The modification does not affect any camera function, and is actually performed with the lens cap in place, completely avoiding any optical paths. Nikon has not endorsed this modification. Information will be on the website soon. In the meantime,contact Mark at 253-858-7769 or e-mail him at [email protected]. Now, did someone ask for a vertical grip for the D70? the thinking continues!

February 13, 2004

Good news! We fully expect that the Nikon Coolpix 8700 will be compatible with the DigiSnap 2000 series and the DigiSnap 5700.

The DigiSnaps will not be compatible with the Nikon Coolpix 4200/5200.

January 14, 2004

The DigiSnap 3000 is now available for ordering online.

January 10, 2004

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