November 24, 2003

For great digital camera news, be sure to check out:

October 25, 2003

New Product available Monday, October 27: Snap360

The Snap360 is a complete solution for capturing images for Panoramas, Virtual Tours and Object Virtual Reality.

August 9, 2003

Good news! Mark has figured out a way to get the DigiSnap 2100 to control the Nikon D100. More information to follow soon!

We now have bite switches and tongue switches from Conceptus that will fit the DigiSnap 2200 and the DigiSnap 5000 and 5700. More information to follow soon!

May 16, 2003

See the new "RemoteSnap" developed by David Koons at This simple 434MHz RF/Remote shutter release is designed to work with the DigiSnap 2200 and the DigiSnap 2500.

May 6, 2003

We have just reduced the price of the SnapUSB to $175 from $225. Since we have been able to manufacture our own cables, we can pass the savings on to our customers.

March 22, 2003

Today we received our first shipment of the Harbortronics serial cable for the Nikon Coolpix 990/995/880/885/4300/4500/5000 and 5700. We can now sell the cables to all customers for the price of $22. The original Nikon serial cable is $32.

The DigiSnap 2800 will be available soon. This will be the ultimate DigiSnap for specialized time-lapse applications!

The DigiSnap 2800 is connected to a 12 volt power source, such as a battery or AC adapter, and then supplies power to you digital camera, as well as controlling up to 5 amps of DC power (for a 60 watt lamp?), as well as a stepper motor. The stepper motor control is a brand new feature of the DigiSnap 2000 series of controllers, allowing for a wide range of new motion control/ photography/ time-lapse applications.